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Give Back My Rich Snippets Elementor!

kewl elementor schema fix

If you’re using Elementor & Elementor Pro page builder to create stunning web pages, you’re definitely in good company! Millions of users rely on these platforms for their intuitive and user-friendly drag-and-drop features that allow you to build visually impressive pages with ease.

But for those of you who are also operating a Woocommerce store with products, you may be missing out on some crucial SEO tools. Specifically, if you’re using an Elementor Single Product template for your products, you may not have access to rich snippets, which can make a world of difference in terms of driving more traffic to your site.

Rich snippets provide important product details such as pricing, images, and ratings, which can make your web pages stand out in search engine results. To see whether your product pages are missing these important snippets, we suggest testing them using the Google Rich Snippet testing tool. If you are indeed missing these snippets, don’t worry – you can easily reclaim them with the Kewl Elementor Schema Fix for just $9.99 USD. So what are you waiting for? Give your products the attention they deserve today!

Google Rich Results Test After

Am I Missing Important Schema Data On My Woocommerce Single Product Pages Created By Elementor?

Are you running a website with Woocommerce and Elementor / Elementor Pro?  If the answer is yes then this article is for you.

Woocommerce is an industry leading e-commerce solution which is installed and used  on 5+ million websites. It is a fantastic solution for selling online via WordPress but its generic product pages are much to be desired due to their lack of customization.  

Elementor is an industry leading page building solution which is installed on 5+ million websites which allows for easy drag-and-drop creation of web pages.

Elementor Pro allows for users to create and customize Woocommerce product pages using a Single Product Template HOWEVER it has a bug that is eliminating JSON-LD Structured Data / Rich Snippets Schema that can show product information in richer ways such as seeing price, availability, review ratings, shipping information, and more right in search results.

You can use Google’s Schema Markup Testing Tool to determine if your product pages which you’ve created with Elementor / Elementor Pro are missing Product and Merchant structured data.

We’ve created Kewl Elementor Schema Fix to resolve this issue.  Please watch this video which demonstrates the issue of missing Structured Data while using Elementor / Elementor Pro with a Single Product Template and how Kewl Elementor Schema Fix resolves the missing element(s).

Elementor is aware of the issue, and bug has also been reported on GitHub Here.  Our hope is that Elementor will fix this issue on their own soon but in the meantime a one time purchase of $9.99 USD for Kewl Elementor Schema Fix you can install, activate, and receive a lifetime of updates while the plugin is needed.